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Wire Men



Wire Men

You know that feeling when the top of your fingers start tickling and you just have to create something. Most of the applications on this page are a result of this uncontrolled urge.

Developed in C++ with API, and OpenGL libraries, Sometimes Java.
Related to Artificial Intelligence and Natural Behavior.

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3D Neural Network BackGammon Game


3D BackGammon Game

Unfinished 3D Backgammon game with Artificial Neural Networks playing engine.

Code: C++/API/OpenGL.

3D Hexagon Game


3D Hexagon Game

This 3D Hexagon game is a 3rd place winner in a programming contest (september 2002).

Code: C++/API/OpenGL.

3D Ants


3D Ants Simulation

Simulating ant's behavior in finding food by following trails of smell (pheromone).

Code: C++/API/OpenGL.

Genetic 3D Spheres


Genetic Evolving Spheres

Creating spheres by applying evolution rules (genetics) on random population.

Code: C++/API/OpenGL.

Tank 3D


3D Tank

I don't know. I just started programming and this little fellow was born. A tank driving around on flat ground.

Code: C++/API/OpenGL.

Artificial Neural Network Pattern Recognition Application


Pattern Recognition

The computer learn to recognize patterns by using an Artificial Neural Network algorithm.

Code: C++/MFC.

Birds 3D Java applet


Birds Flock

Simulating flock of birds behavior.

Code: Java/JDK1.1

Page inspired by NeHe Link OpenGL Tutorials